Gun sounds

A shock gun sounds is a weapon that is commonly used for self defense based on ECT technology. The use of a stunning gun is a question close and personal: the shock gun should address the attacker. A shock gun can provide a load of up to 800,000 volts. This sounds enough to kill a person, but the current load is so small that no lasting damage is added. The current technique used by a stun gun to disable an attacker is known as EMD (Electro Muscular or Disorder).


The effects of an anesthesia gun sounds are immediate and very dramatic. A second shot with a stun gun will cause a painful jolt of his attackers – more than enough to warn them she is armed. Two second shooting begins to cause muscle cramps and stunned attackers can begin. A shot of three or more seconds will cause the attacker to be disoriented, lose balance, and lose muscle control. Neutralize Fully anyone with an electric shock gun takes more than 3 seconds, and depends on the person and other factors such as the type of clothes they wear.

A shock gun sounds works on the basis of the fact that our bodies are controlled by small electric charges. A shock gun has two small electrodes that, when the trigger is pulled, develop a high voltage electric charge between them. When these electrodes are in contact with the body, the space between the electrode begins and an electrical load conductor is filled. This electric charge begins with the electrical impulses that control our muscles, causing spasms or contractions to interfere. There is a lot of energy used in a small amount of time, so the deactivated.

Some stunning gun sounds are large and designed for a demonstration of strength while others are small and easy to conceal. You can even use an electric shock as a torch camouflaged, buy a mobile phone or an umbrella. All models are battery and provide a load of between 20,000 and 800,000 volts. But the current is what really matters when the amount of power delivered is measured, so be sure and check the voltage – which is a measure of voltage and current. Means a higher power than the power is supplied.

A shock gun sounds usually has two sets of electrodes, one internal and one external system. The entire outsides is the end of the gun business paralyzing – in fact the electric charge to deliver when placed in contact with the body of their attacker. The internal arrangement is just a demonstration of strength – when a spark and a powerful crunchy sound shoot is designed to warn its attacker to be armed.

Stun gun sounds are effective enough to be used by the police and the army. They are one of the most effective means of self defense available to the average citizen.


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