All About Fashion Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why

Hairstyles are an alternative to innovate in the hair and create a new look. There are many categories of hairstyles and they can fit on several occasions and adapt to the length of the yarn.

Coke is a well-known hairstyle that can create a sophisticated look or just be the best option for warmer days. The look of this hairstyle can be elaborate or simpler and is a good request for various events.

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A “potty” look can be created with textured hair and some loose strands. While a well-crafted coke and with more volume can be the hairstyle of a bride or bridesmaid.

In addition to the glamor of the hairstyle itself, it can be valued with braces, pedrarias or metal tiaras. The braids also serve to give a new face in this classic hairstyle.You know: not everything that comes up in the world of fashion and beauty pleases everyone. Whether it’s the All Star with high heels, nails decorated with fur or jeans with zipper on the butt, the novelties are not always unanimous.


This is no different with the eyebrows. They can be thin or thick, can be made with henna or even definitive: there are those who like it and those who do not like it, and this is the most normal thing in the world.

Now, a new trend is stirring up reactions of love and hate: it is the eyebrow of sorrow. This new technique consists of dividing the hairs of the eyebrow in half, with a horizontal line, forming the appearance of a feather. The final tip is to apply a little glue to give the finish to the wires.

Round, square, stiletto or almond nails, regardless of the style adopted, maintaining well-groomed, enamelled or decorated nails is a practice that appeals to many women.

The nail can be natural, posture, porcelain or gel, as long as they are well sanded and with a layer of color or base, give much more style and help harmonize the look.

A good option to facilitate this process and decorate the nails with the most varied types of patterns and designs is to opt for nail films, also called nail stickers. With a wide choice of prints and even different textures, it is possible to find designs that allow a different nail decoration with each application.

With the possibility of completely covering the nail, as a single film, or even only part of it, as if it were an adhesive, this material can even replace the more complicated decorations, which were executed with the aid of a toothpick, assorted brushes and Varnishes of various colors.

The technique is indicated for curly and curly hair. Remembering that the grooming does not form curls, it only helps to define the natural curls, removing the frizz and decreasing the volume. Although it sounds complex, it is a very simple finishing technique. Here’s the step-by-step guide for you to do at home with tips from the hair stylist .Separate the wicks: after the bath, with the wires still moist, divide your hair in about five sections.
Apply the product: Apply a little of the product (it can be combing cream, leave in or other specific products for finalization) in one of the wicks. Always start at the bottom of the hair and comb the hair with your fingers, separating it as if it were ribbons.
Form the ribbons: distribute the chosen product over the entire length of the wick using the fingers as a comb. Make firm movements, as if you were smoothing your hair. When you finish, you will see that the wick has been divided into three tapes.
Knead the tapes: move your hands toward the root. At that moment you will already be able to see that your curls are much more shaped, because each tape will give rise to a cache.Repeat: Repeat all over hair and then let it dry naturally.


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