Weight loss and diet apps

Better nutrition and more sport – this is at the top of the list when formulating resolutions for the new year. Luckily for both projects there are enough apps on the App Store or on Google Play. Which diet and weight loss apps recommend, you will find in the following guide.
If you want to lose weight, you should eat healthy. Often this is simply said as done.There are new diets and weekly programs every other day, but the main thing is the permanent change of eating habits, which leads to long-term success. And that is precisely the difficulty, because at home, in the office or on the road – everywhere sweet, fried and delicious. With the weight loss and diet apps we want to introduce in the following, one should not only practice renouncing, but a feeling for his diet.

The app focuses on nutrition and gives you an overview of your calorie balance. The app’s database contains more than 5 million food items: your food can be entered into the search mask or can be found directly using an integrated barcode scanner. Fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables are simply weighed before eating them and enter the data. When you start the app for the first time, choose your activity type, specify how often and for a long time in the week,

Then, based on your body size and weight, you will be told how many calories you should take each day to reach your goal. Although you can not magically open a clean foodporn Instagram account with the app, it is still a first step in the direction of “Conscious Eating”. For with every meal the free calorie quantity shrinks. For frozen food and chocolate, it is understandably faster than healthy meals. However, the app also asks that you enter each meal exactly. Just at the beginning can the nerves – in the long run but it can be worthwhile.


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